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Palm Suites Manfredi the Place to Be

| ICONIC HOTEL |Delfina Remi

Rome – the Eternal City, the city of fountains and cobblestones, and also the city of palms: from Piazza Cavour to Villa Celimontana, from the Spanish Steps and Oppian Hill to the foot of the Roman Forum. The presence of palms throughout the Capitoline land dates back to ancient times, and first appearances were found between the cobblestones in front of the residence of Emperor Augustus.

The palm became the most fashionable plant in Rome, and progressively throughout Italy towards the end of the nineteenth century and up to the Imperialist era with its African style. So it is fitting that the palm becomes the leitmotif in the interior design of Palm Suites Manfredi, located within an 18th-century building facing the gardens of the Imperial Fora, overlooking the Basilica of Maxentius and the Colosseum, and just a five-minunte walk from Palazzo Manfredi Relais&Chateaux.

Palm Suites Manfredi is the perfect combination of charm and comfort. “The exotic and colonial feel marks the true mood of my feat, light renovation on an ancient structure made of wooden ceilings and exposed bricks. The uninterrupted wooden plank floor acts as a background to walls with a gray marble tint obtained from natural colors that oxidize over time. The doors and frames are lacquered in glossy pearl gray giving off vibrant light,” says architect Giorgia Dennerlein.

Spacious and elegant suites boast an exceptional quality, enriched by unique furnishings, accessories, and breathtaking views, immersed in a fantastic dreamlike world and seductive atmosphere. “The furnishings are intentionally very colorful, alternating natural fabrics and African printed cottons and hand-woven polypropylene fibers. Many colors and exotic patterns dominate upholstery and even bed headboards.

Furnishings are characterized by headboards with Viennese straw, palm and floral printed fabrics, and interwoven polypropylene fibers – a recurrence that enhances the connection between the views over the Fora gardens and apartment interiors, almost creating an immediate and natural indoor-outdoor,” continues the architect. Focused design makes Palm Suites the “place to be”, a hidden gem offering relaxation for couples and families alike, where… “the palm is protagonist in the walls and lamps, and connects the project’s mood to a symbol found in the name of the suites as well. Bathrooms are covered in tatami with woven synthetic fiber and framed by a band of mirrors,” she concludes.

Web: palmsuiterome.com

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