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Onboard with Class

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Paris, London, Tokyo: the first stages that marked the “cruising” start for yacht designer Cinzia Bulciolu.

Abundant experience in design, top exhibitions, and world class lounges have all led to the Tuscan entrepreneur’s creativity, and to the birth of “Cinzia Bulciolu Luxury Yachting Service”.

GSM: Tell us how “Cinzia Bulciolu Luxury Yachting Service” came about?
CB: Intuition, passion, and initiative. Without these qualities, I could not have achieved this goal in a very demanding and sophisticated sector. Hence a meticulous search that starts with specifically choosing refined materials to use, like in my art and creations. “Cinzia Bulciolu Luxury Yachting Service” aims to provide unique, personalized services on large yachts, in vintage villas and luxury hotels, always guaranteeing the utmost seriousness and quality. Numerous specialized companies collaborate with me on this exclusive project. This includes everything from wrapping, interior design, architecture firms, Italy’s most prestigious gourmet, wine, and oil products, aroma and chromotherapy, specialized medical visits, general practitioners and health specialists to keep the crew in good health, crew uniforms, floral arrangements, Maltese flag registrations for commercial and private yachts, and yacht formula leasing. In Italy, I represent a well-known Maltese company that works in the sector, supported by a team of accountants who handle the registration process and take care of all of the client’s needs. I cooperate with professionals specializing in legal advice and assistance. Finally, another team of professionals also take part in this project – they provide glass coating application, and paint the hull and superstructure directly where the yacht is located.

GSM: Who do you collaborate with and who are your main clients?
CB: My sponsors include an important company that has specialized in wrapping for many years; wrapping is the application of adhesive films on large surfaces. I am aided by qualified staff who are licensed at a 3M European level. We have done wrapping work for interiors of 25-meter and higher motor yachts, superstructures and hull interior and exterior (furniture lining, transparent film to protect marble), as well as placing film to tint windows. It is a top company that also serves sailing yachts. One of my clients is the M/Y HARMONY III, a 45-meter Benetti Vision stationed in various ports in Italy. I’d like to pay special thanks to the HARMONY III owner, and all the other owners who have believed in me. A beautiful new addition has been the olive oil tasting school for chefs who can count on the acquisition of super premium extra virgin olive oil. It supplies over forty different labels, the result of a rigorous selection of the finest Italian olive oil mills. These olive oils have been heavily awarded at the most prestigious olive oil competitions in the world, and combine perfectly with culinary dishes. They have great health benefits and perfect features to accompany oysters and fish tartare, a light mayonnaise, or a cream gelato. Soon, chef courses will be organized. I am very proud to collaborate with an artisanal company that has been in the textile sector for homes, nautical, and upholstery for over 40 years. Using expert tailors and upholsterers, we are able to select high-quality fabrics, crucial to the creation of tablecloths, linens for finishes, and various other materials. In the showroom, there are brands like Rubelli, Jesurum, Mastro Raphael, La Fabbrica del Lino, Hefel, Kauffman,Tessitura Martinelli, Blumarine and many others. Our international clientele includes 5 star luxury hotels, resorts, high level agritourisms, and private accommodations. Finally, I have a collaboration contract with Lusben shipyards, a leader in refitting that has a large group of Azimut/Benetti naval constructions. I chose to work with Lusben because of their great professionalism and seriousness. With them, I’ve found a modern partner with whom I also work prior to developing my brands. So I have the opportunity to develop my core business staying in contact with experts in the industry.

GSM: What other services do you offer?
CB: I work with a well-known company from Milan that has a line of natural products for psycho-physical wellness. The products are diversely scented and made of oils and Bach flowers with therapeutic properties to relax; they have natural aroma diffusers that spread different shades and light fragrances. A careful analysis of customer needs, a study of innovative solutions puts the individual in synergic harmony with the environment, developing a line of accessories so people will feel like they are in a spa and health center when on board a yacht. We also create business cards and brochures for yachts and hotels, as well as making expressive videos with drones.

GSM: What personal experience do you bring to Cinzia Bulciolu Luxury Yachting Service?
CB: It’s very important for me to explore the human soul through an expressive summary that leaves, yes, space for imagination, but that defines the concept through almost semiological language. I started to find all of this in my passion for art, in fact for a long time I have been creating silver embossed compositions, elegantly arranged on exclusive buttresses, and decorated with valuable frames. These works are for sale at my atelier, where in addition to my art there are also artists who have disappeared and post-Decadent, figurative, or abstract artists. I am a passionate psychology academic, I’ve attended a renowned school of graphology in Rome now for a few years, and this allows me to pay even more attention to my clients and take care of them better. Given my great passion for handwriting analysis with legal consulting, I work together with qualified professionals providing inspections and expertise on handwritten scripts, authenticity of painting signatures, and evaluations on holographic wills and testaments. My greatest desire is to satisfy my very unique and exceptional clients.

Thanks to:
Dr. R. Landi
Bedspread and towels: Katia Creazioni
Showroom with film Special Wrap
Olive Oli F.J. Tytherleigh Italia
Aromatherapy and cromotherapy diffuser Brand Italia



Author: Laura Scatena


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