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Livable Yacht


High-end design combined with the finest quality and technological innovation define next-generation floating homes, designed by ARKUP LLC. Founded in 2016 with headquarters in Miami, the company pioneers next-generation houseboats and rethinks life on water with its fully solar-electric, mobile, and self-elevating livable yachts. They surpass limits that marinas and other floating communities have to face. In fact, thanks to their hydraulic spuds, they can occupy space on the waterfront that is currently unusable by conventional yachts. These unique boats can be piloted along the coast or anchored to a hydraulic stack making it as stable as a home on land, pleasant 365 days a year. The livable yachts are fully solar-powered and have silent electric propulsion offering mobility and maneuverability. An automated hydraulic lifting system allows the boat to lay a stable foundation in up to 20 feet of water, guaranteeing stability and resilience. It features four bedrooms in 2,600 square feet of indoor space, with 4,350 square feet in total including terraces and balconies. To achieve its goals of sustainability, ARKUP is 100% solar-powered and has systems for harvesting and purifying rainwater, for complete independence. During the Miami Yacht Show held in February 2019, Arnaud Luguet, Chief Technology Officer and ARKUP co-founder stated that, “many high net worth individuals have already expressed their interest in being the first to own and enjoy our livable yacht.

We are thrilled to organize private showings for potential buyers on Star Island, Miami Beach.” ARKUP’s founding team recently presented its first 75-foot livable yacht at the Miami Yacht Show. Fully powered by solar energy, mobile and self-elevating, it is a unique luxury product. This revolutionary model addresses the key challenges in urban and coastal planning for future generations. Its hydraulic pilings allow it to put down a steady foundation in up to 25-feet and to raise the house above the waterline, making it as stable as a home on land.

Web: arkup.com


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