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Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

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Jewellery Design

Nowadays, I oversee the ancient gestures of craftsman and their increasingly rare, valuable skills in the family workshop with undiminished passion.”  Philips de Pury in Geneva, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Artcurial, Poly Hong Kong and Bonhams were the stages for the sought-after creations by Margherita Burgener.  Light reflections, mountainous trends, the magic of nature is revealed set between precious stones, which shift into an ideal of timeless beauty for sophisticated women and men who pay attention to detail. “The jewellery we create is mostly made with noble metals worked by master goldsmiths using traditional techniques along with modern technologies,” the artist highlights.

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White gold, yellow gold, red or pink gold, a color base is chosen to enhance the stones: cushion, pear, baguette, faceted, or cabochon cut: tailored jewellery design which are sets for bracelets, necklaces, and unique pieces for rings and pendants.

An extreme reverence for tradition that encompasses a continuous evolution of forms and material, such as the Blooming brooch, a titanium floral sculpture with pale tones which enhance the subtle chromatic shades of diamonds set in the precious leaves.

The gemstones that adorn Margherita Burgener jewellery are unique stars, whose purity and particular cuts are carefully selected from around the world, a reference to distant shades which are the starting point of every creation.

A decisive rarity is the bond between the client on one hand and the goldsmith and setter on the other, an artisanal string where the dreamlike projection of sketches fashion diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies in an exclusive composition.

Eternal splendour of touches of light honor the enchanting renewal of nature, sublime muse of inspiration for each piece of jewellery by Margherita Burgener.

Author: Chiara Melani


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