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Games of light, reflections and geometries for a cinematically monumental effect: Dolce&Gabbana renews its boutique in Hong Kong on Canton Road, characterized by the synthesis of its aesthetic codes. The store remodelling project was completed in collaboration with Eric Carlson from Carbondale Studio.

Bright three-dimensionality: the facade, which has also been renovated, features an imposing 18-meter high screen made up of overlapping rectangular frames of Italian white vein silver marble, visually delimited by white light beams.


At the entrance of the boutique, a tribute to Chinese culture and Italian craftsmanship: a colourful mosaic of stone and glass depicting the bauhinia flower, symbol of the city of Hong Kong, created according to the artisanal tradition of the Bel Paese.

A symmetric imperial staircase accompanies the customer inside the boutique, consisting of two rectangular spaces divided on two levels: the first floor dedicated to the female universe, while the second, underground, for the male style. Homogeneous in materials and furnishings, the two floors of the boutique are characterized by polished Carnico grey Italian marble floors and walls, covered with vertical bars of polished smoked redgum wood. To contrast the visual continuity of the interiors, islands of Italian white vein silver marble high from floor to ceiling illuminate the two sales floors, taking up the precious material used for the facade.

Sparkling mirrored ceilings reflect the entire surface, creating a play of reflections and perspectives that highlight and amplify the sophistication of the furnishings and materials. The architectural linearity meets the softness of the furnishing shapes, made of gold velvet and polished brass, creating an opulent union that forms the backdrop for the creations of the fashion house.

The boutique houses the Ready to Wear, Accessories and Fine Jewellery Collections for Men and Women.

Technical Notes

Total surface area: 363 sq.m.
Total number of floors: 2

Web: www.dolcegabbana.com/it/

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