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Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

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Final Destination Art


It is a freezing early winter morning, and, at ‘The Salotto di Milano’ – prestigious location dedicated to luxury – we are meeting with Leinuo Zhang, who is originally from China but is now an Italian citizen, and, to be more precise, a certified Milanese. He is dressed in a kimono from the “Dolce&Gabbana Haute Couture” collection and is
accompanied by one of his incredibly loyal and inseparable friends, a Chihuahua, on a mink leash belonging to the luxury dog collection, created by him. Leinuo, has a great passion for art, especially for African art, which he believes to be the most interesting – because it is ancient and uncontaminated – and, which, according to him, is the form of art that has significantly influenced all other artistic forms. This is why he never loses out on an occasion to participate in auctions at Sotheby’s or Christie’s, to gain exclusive access to the most particular works of art, in an ever-spasmodic search for uniqueness and beauty in all its forms; Leinuo dedicates all his precious time to
giving life to his creativity. Born in a family with great cultural and artistic traditions, his family collects from antique chinse art to the masterwork of contemporary art from Pablo Picasso and other artists of the same calibre as a passion and this has allowed him to learn how to appreciate art and recognise its most profound value.




He also deals with Interior Design, furnishing homes, castles and period villas, and, in addition to having a natural propension for good taste, he nurtures a particular passion for ancient furniture, which he blends into his furnishing with more modern and designer items, creating a fluidity and a balance in his environments, which reflect his great talent for interpreting an entirely-personal vision of a unique form of luxury. Fashion, design and art are the passions that guide his modus vivendi, his vision of luxury, and of how it should be adapted and experienced, as more than an influencer, more than an insider and more than a trend setter. Leinuo has turned his own passions into a profession and into an authentic lifestyle: a natural propension for beauty, which he interprets magnificently and that he also projects onto the care for his mind, which he nurtures with all kinds of reading, ranging from literary works of art to fashion magazines, whilst dedicating a large part of his free time to the wellbeing of his body by training every day at the gym. Leinuo has been able to maintain his own rigorous, traditional Chinese philosophy and adapt it to an Italo-European one; the fact he lives in Milan has helped him integrate and distinguish himself in a highly competitive and rapid society, turning him into a man of success, with an entirely unique vision for luxury and beauty.




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