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Classy Meal

ICONIC FASHION | Photographed and directed by ARIANNA BONUCCI

Styled by Emanuele Vascotto
Hands Giulia Solini

In the Garibaldi district in Milan, a stone’s throw away from the Monumental Cemetery, inside a former historic building belonging to Enel on the 4th floor – there is Ceresio 7. The elevator doors open and the room is slowly revealed: lights, windows, water, skyline and then tables, photos, design, works of art, elegance, intimacy, cocktails, food, music, and composed vitality. The right mix of good taste, raw materials, design, substance, and skill. A unique, exclusive place where you want to spend time and you feel good, far away from the hustle and bustle of the Milanese metropolis. The key word is quality.

The idea behind Ceresio7 is to create a place where you can spend the whole day, from breakfast to after dinner; the environment of design is sophisticated but comfortable, where you can feel at home with the bonus of cuisine by a high-caliber chef and a bar with high-profile bartenders. Elio Sironi is the deus ex machina in the kitchen at Ceresio7: he and his brigade make up the soul that accompany every single moment experienced in this place. The chef’s recommendation is always comfort but never banal and its exacting simplicity is its distinctive sign: the rediscovery of Italian cuisine’s great classics, some of which are reworked, to enhance the flavors and textures in each dish.





“Over time, Sironi has polished a perfect menu creating a place with unquestionable elegance: very Italian, linear, perfectly understandable yet without simplification,” says Andrea Cuomo in a review in Identità Golose’s guide. The menu is designed to meet multiple requests from customers: we can find both meat and fish, but also many vegetarian dishes, together with others that perfectly pair with the cocktail bar menu, creating pleasant and unexpected surprises since, as Elio Sironi says, “in the kitchen you always have to have new eyes to see the same things.”

Web: ceresio7.com 

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