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Black is… colorful

ICONIC DIGITAL | Asia Bernardini

The OLED 2018 TV by LG Electronics is characterized byessential and minimalist design, like in the W8 model, andhas a 2.57mm thick display; it is a window to the world,designed to furnish a living room with taste and modernity.The range of OLED and SUPER UHD 2018 TVs has becomethe highest expression of technological innovation and minimalist design. E8 has been reinvented with a floating design that is even cleaner, the glass display has become more visible, the soundbar is miniaturized, and the elegant base can be eliminated so the TV can be hung on the wall. C8 and B8 are distinguished by a dynamically-shaped
soundbar that promotes better audio output, specially designed to optimize front audio transmission. Specifically, the 2018 range of OLED TVs has integrated a new image processor α (Alpha) 9, that makes colors even richer, sharp, and intense, and shows more realistic images. Black is colorful, meaning that deeper black allows for richer colors. The processor is designed to support High Frame Rate (HFR), producing smoother and clearer moving images at 120 frames per second, especially a must for fast moving content like sports and action movies.

LG has joined AI ThinQ®, an artificial intelligence platform from LG that moves OLED TVs towards a new dimension of entertainment with voice recognition so you can control the TV simply and intuitively, searching for content and finding information.

The SUPER UHD 2018 TV has introduced technology called Nano Cell™ that maximizes the level of black and provides clear, sharp images with excellent contrast, ensuring accurate color reproduction from all viewing angles.

Combined with the integration of Audio Dolby Atmos®, audio quality has become excellent so you can enjoy the movie theater experience right in your home. And with 4K Cinema HDR, that experience is guaranteed by the widest spectrum of HDR-supported format compatibility: Dolby Vision™, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro (Hybrid Log-Gamma), the algorithm of Enhanced Dynamic Tone mapping that dynamically processes images frame by frame. Dolby Atmos® object-based surround sound is integrated exclusively in the LG TVs, adding to the excellence of new OLED LG TVs. Featuring an arched pedestal and metal finish, TV SK9500 and TV SK8500 become an elegant and functional solution for living or sleeping areas. Television has been transformed; it has become a piece of furniture that delivers the magic of visions never-before-seen.

Web: lg.com/it

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