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ICONIC EVENT | Delfina Remi

Now in its 14th edition, the Cortinametraggio Festival will be held in Cortina from March 18 to 24, 2019. Maddalena Mayneri presented it last September 3, at the Hotel Excelsior in Venice in a space set up by the Veneto Region. Mayneri, creator and coordinator of the now historic event dedicated to the best of Italian “short” cinematography, reveals more secrets in the following interview.

Who is Maddalena Mayneri and how did the idea for Cortinametraggio come about?

Maddalena Mayneri graduated in film history from the University of Trieste, and here her love for short films and Italian cinema was born. In the ‘80s and ‘90s she met several film masters in Cortina, and was increasingly fascinated with the genre until the first edition of Cortinametraggio was inaugurated in 1997. In 2000, it doubled with Trieste, creating the Maremetraggio festival that would preside until 2011. At the same time, in 2010, Cortinametraggio returned to Cortina and since then the festival has become one of the most important events dedicated to short films in Italy.

What has changed from 1997 to today?
Processing methods and technology have changed, digital and VR arrived. Enormous changes that however have increased the visibility of short films, and the rise of directors that have made stops at the festival every year in order to grow and above all make themselves known to those who have been in cinema much longer. The passion has increased from year to year.

How important is it to be present at “Cortinametraggio” for the future career of a “new face” in cinema or a young director? How are the works selected for the competition?
It is very important for a short film director to participate in a festival, and it is especially important to come to Cortina because it is one of only a few festivals that give real opportunities to encounter and talk with stars, jurors, the press, etc. Cortinametraggio has always been a scouting school, and for those who come out of it, they come out stronger and more driven to move forward, perhaps accomplishing their dream of making their first feature film. Works are rigorously selected by three artistic directors – Vincenzo Scuccimarra for the Short Films category, Cosimo Alemà for Videoclips and Paolo Tenna for Branded Entertainment.


What impact has the festival had on Cortina d’Ampezzo in all these years?
Cortina and Cortinametraggio are by now one and the same. The cultural film event has found a strong echo, and manages to bring audiences that span all age groups and film tastes to Cortina. During the low season, we manage to fill many hotels, and above all we are able to cover the event with a strong media impact at a national level.

Could you give us a preview of the 2019 edition?
The main preview for the new edition that I can give at the moment is the partnership with Vision Distribution, that has allowed us to create a new section “Corti in Sala” dedicated to very short short films, no longer than 5 minutes, expiring on February 5th, that Vision will put before one of the films on its list, pending availability from cinemas that participate. It is a partnership that makes me proud, and once again supports opening Cortinametraggio to youngsters, as well as confirmation for the Medusa Award’s second edition, directed to feature films in collaboration with Medusa Film, expiring on January 16th.

Tell us a particular anecdote about guests and artists from past editions that you fondly remember?
Every year at Cortinametraggio there are beautiful, happy, and unforgettable events. In 1998 for example, Mario Monicelli got lost in the woods during a trip together with Paolo Villaggio and Citto Maselli, and after a few moments of panic, we were able to find them and get them to the showing in time; we felt so much fear for nothing because all were outdoorsmen, able to solve any problem on their own. In 1999 Paolo Genovese and Luca Miniero won the festival with the short film “Piccole cose di valore non quantificabile” and since that year our friendship has become an integral part of my life. In 2017, without telling us anything, Calcutta made a wonderful video clip during the festival; we were the protagonists, without our knowledge, and a super videoclip came from that. In 2018 during the festival, Nicolò Gentili shot an episode of the Andorra web series involving the public, institutions in Ampezzo and all our guests.
We screened it on awards night, and it was widely received.


Web: www.cortinametraggio.it

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